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Movies - Part II

Here is another list of all the movies that I feel are very graphic and disturbing in their own way. These movies are very suspenseful and original for this type of genre. All of the movies listed below are once again my own personal favourites, that have some sort of realism to them. I strongly suggest you go out and see these movies if you have not already. 

Top 10 Best Suspense/Thrillers:

10) The Devil's Rejects 


Synopsis: Ambushed at their isolated home by Sheriff Wydell and a squad of armed men, the Firefly family wakes up one morning with guns blazing--yet only Otis and his sister, Baby, manage to escape the barrage of bullets unharmed. Hiding out in a backwater motel, the wanted siblings wait to rendezvous with their errant father, Captain Spaulding, killing whoever happens to stand in their way. But as the body count mounts higher, Sheriff Wydell decides to take the law into his own hands.
Starring: Sid Haig, Sheri Moon & Bill Moseley
Released: 2005

9) From Hell


Synopsis: Based upon the legendary serial killer "Jack The Ripper", inspector Frederick Abberline investigates the mysterious murders of prostitutes within the Whitechapel district of London. Also an adaption of the graphic novel of the same name by Alan Moore.
Starring: Johnny Depp & Heather Graham
Released: 2001


8) Taking Lives (Director's Cut)


Synopsis: When detectives handling a local homicide investigation ask for an outsider’s help to get inside the head of a serial killer, top FBI profiler Illeana Scott joins the case. She theorizes that the chameleon-like killer is "life-jacking", assuming the lives and identities of his victims. Alone, with no one she can trust, Agent Scott finds herself on a twisted and terrifying journey.
Starring: Angelina Jolie, Ethan Hawke, Olivier Martinez & Kiefer Sutherland
Released: 2004

7) Saw Series


Synopsis: A young man named Adam wakes to find himself chained to a rusty pipe inside a decrepit subterranean chamber. Chained to the opposite side of the room is another bewildered captive, Dr. Lawrence Gordon. Between them is a dead man lying in a pool of blood, holding a .38 in his hand. Neither man knows why he has been abducted, but instructions left on a microcassette order Dr. Gordon to kill Adam within eight hours. If he fails to do so, then both men will die; Dr. Gordon’s wife, Alison, and his daughter will also be killed.
Starring: Cary Elwes, Leigh Whannell, Danny Glover & Dina Meyer
Released: 2004

6) The Bone Collector


Synopsis: Lincoln Rhyme is a successful police officer and author of crime novels. After a freak accident on the job, Rhyme is left paralyzed from the neck down (except for his index finger). Amelia Donaghy is a troubled cop who finds herself caught up in the investigation of a brutal serial killer. With the help of the bed-ridden Rhyme, she enters a dangerous world that threatens to add her to the killer's list.
Starring: Denzel Washington & Angelina Jolie
Released: 1999

5) Frailty


Synopsis: The story follows an FBI investigation in present day. Fenton Meiks approaches an FBI investigator, claiming he knows the identity of a serial killer who calls himself "God's Hands." Fenton reveals that the killer is his younger brother Adam. It all changed, the day his father awoke, believing he had been visited by an angel and given a mission to destroy "demons" - seemingly normal looking people, who walked this earth as pure evil.
Starring: Matthew McConaughey & Bill Paxton
Released: 2002

4) Resurrection


Synopsis: Christopher Lambert bring you this extremely grisly serial killer yarn with a story by Lambert himself. When victims keep turning up with severed body parts, the New Orleans police department suspects that there might be a connection between the murders. Can the detective who is on the case catch the killer before he strikes again?
Starring: Christopher Lambert
Released: 1999

3) Seven


Synopsis: Gluttony, greed, sloth, envy, wrath, pride, and lust, these are the seven deadly sins that are being punished with unimaginable cruelty and calculation by an enigmatic killer. The film follows Somerset, a retiring police detective, as he experiences his final week on the job, reluctantly working with assertive newcomer Mills. Somerset and Mills search to find the mysterious John Doe, who is responsible for these methodical murders.
Starring: Brad Pitt, Morgn Freeman & Gwyneth Paltrow
Released: 1995

2) Natural Born Killers (Director's Cut)


Synopsis: Mickey Knox and girlfriend-wife Mallory Wilson commencing with the dual murder of Mallory's sexually abusive father and grossly negligent mother, the couple take off on a three-week killing spree across the country, telling everyone who they are so that they get the credit for their crimes. By the time they're finally arrested, they've become such huge media stars that the cops treat them more like celebrities than criminals.
Starring: Woody Harrelson & Juliette Lewis
Released: 1994

1) The Hannibal Lecter Series



Synopsis: Retired FBI agent Will Graham returns to action to hunt down a serial killer by using his ability to get inside the psychopath's mind. The process of tracking and capturing the infamous Hannibal Lecter took a tremendous psychic toll on Graham. With another madman on the loose, Graham has no choice but to return to duty, though he knows that it might cost him his family and his sanity.
Starring: William Petersen & Brian Cox
Released: 1986 

Silence of the Lambs


Synopsis: An ambitious FBI agent, Clarice Starling enlists the aid of a criminally insane ex-psychiatrist, Hannibal Lecter to help track down a vicious serial killer, Buffalo Bill.
Starring: Anthony Hopkins & Jodie Foster
Released: 1991



Synopsis: Set in Florence, Italy, a decade after the events in which psychopath Hannibal Lecter was interviewed by FBI agent Clarice Starling while in the custody of a maximum-security prison. Then he escaped. The deranged Lecter now free as a bird in Italy, and Starling still on his trail. A terrifyingly horrific story based on the novel by Thomas Harris, the film takes viewers on a sickening journey through Lecter's violent, cannibalistic mind.
Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Julianne Moore & Ray Liotta
Released: 2001

Red Dragon


Synopsis: In this prequel to "The Silence of the Lambs," the story of former FBI agent Will Graham, who was nearly killed by Hannibal Lecter, is told, and it includes the initial capture of "The Cannibal." This is a some-what remake or redue of the orginal movie, Manhunter.
Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Edward Norton &  Ralph Fiennes
Released: 2002

Honourable Mentions:
  • Hostel
  • Cry Wolf
  • Suspect Zero
  • Copycat
  • In Dreams
  • Psycho
  • Cold Creek Manor

Worth A Look:
  • Wolf Creek
  • High Tension
  • Mindhunters
  • The Machinist
  • Kalifornia
  • Identity
  • Kiss the Girls
  • The Glass House


Movies - Part III